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How to Setup and Configure AirPrint on HP Printer?

HP printers compatible with AirPrint can be installed and setup professionally to enjoy the unlimited printing through Apple Mac iOS computers. Setting up this printing application with HP printer needs to go with the right process otherwise you can face a problem while printing.

Actually AirPrint is for connecting HP printer wirelessly with Apple Mac computers, but if you are facing HP printer connection issue with Mac you can read our blog How to Fix HP Printer Not Connecting To Mac Issue to connect your HP printer successfully. Right here if you want to setup or configure AirPrint with your HP printer read the instructions carefully.

Setup AirPrint on HP Printer

Steps to Set up and Configure AirPrint on HP Printer:

Step1: AirPrint is the advance application not compatible with only latest computers and operating systems. So, make sure your HP printer and Apple Mac devices are fully compatible with AirPrint, because outdated versions of such devices are not compatible.

Step2: Now connect the Apple device to the same wireless network as the
HP printer in connected and Make sure that the printer is connected to a wireless network.

Step3: Here you need to download the latest printer firmware on a computer that you can download directly from the HP support website.

Step4: To download the latest printer firmware Under the Firmware section and when the firmware update is complete, turn off and then turn on the HP printer.

Step5: Now you have to find and/or Change the printer’s AirPrint name that you can do under Networking tab where you need to click Wireless Direct Setup.

Step6: Here while changing the AirPrint name in the Name (SSID) field, you have type a name for printer to be used with AirPrint, and then click Apply.

Step6: Configure AirPrint for the computer or iOS device, here if you need help you can get in touch with online technicians by calling Apple mac technical support.

To know how to configure AirPrint on HP printer you need to go through a long procedure that you can do only with the help of certified and experienced technicians. After configuring all the important settings you will be able to use the AirPrint application through your HP printer and enjoy the wireless printing thorough your Apple Mac devices. If from the printer end if you face any kind of technical problem just dial HP printer support number Australia and get online solution by the experts to solve the HP printer issues with right approach.    

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